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P9video Maker is a simple application designed for beginners. This video editing app gives you plenty of options like a slideshow creator, Video maker, video creator, movie maker and photo to video maker, where you integrate several images to showcase different phases of time.

The Ultimate Birthday Video Maker with Latest Themes for Free

Packed with cool and realistic themes, P9videos’ birthday video maker offers a modern day feel to the birthday greetings. Let your loved ones feel extra special on their big day. Add music, make videos, slideshows, customizable characters and design it the way you want it to. Try it out soon! It’s totally free.

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Picture & Video Creator with Quick Customization

P9videos not only lets you create videos and pictures but with its quick customization feature you can now create videos that are more delightful to watch. The more you customize the extra special it gets.


P9videos Equipped With Pool of Designs & Themes

Stuffed with the best of the layouts and graphics, this app surprises you with every new feature as you start to explore. With its photo to video maker feature now you can pour life into your photos along with a music that gives you feel in all the right ways

Be Digital Wish Digital

Packed with Cool Features


  • Profesional Video Maker

    Why search for professional videographers and editors, when you can be one.

  • Photo Slideshow With Music

    Photos with the right music in the background is all that vibe you would wish for

  • Festive Themes at your Disposal

    No more boring forward greetings, personalize all your festive messages with our exclusive festive themes at your fingertips.

  • 3D Greeting Card for Birthday Wishes

    Birthday greetings should be anything but boring. We’ve got you covered. 3D greeting cards to add that extra fun and personal touch

  • Full Screen Video Story

    P9videos full screen video mode lets you experience the joy of seeing the video stories you made through the app in full screen mode.

  • 100+ Video Themes

    Be it love, birthday, weddings or your favorite festival. You want it, we have it. Over 100+ video themes to choose from.

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How Can I Make a Slideshow?

You can create a slideshow using as many pictures as you would love. It is also possible to add a theme song and craft sweet messages too.

Using the 3D card, you can choose some of your favorite photos and create video with a theme song of your choosing and sweet messages too.

If you are making a video using the 3D card or the slideshow, you will get the option of adding or editing texts at preview screen, which will allow you to write any text that you want.

Just like other social interacting apps, p9 Videos App allows you to share videos straight from the app. When you create your videos, click the share icon, and you can send it to anyone or any social network that you want. It is as simple as that.

Converting photos to a slideshow video is quite simple. Choose the number of photos that you want, crop and design them the way you want, click on the Export option and with that your video will be all set. Do the same when making the 3D card video too.

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